Eldorado Canyon Ghost Town

Eldorado Canyon - Nelson Ghost Town Weddings

The best Ghost Town weddings in Nevada are at Eldorado Canyon Ghost Town! Located near the town of Nelson Nevada, back in 1775, it was named Eldorado by the Spaniards who made the original discoveries of gold in this area that is now Eldorado Canyon. A hundred years later the prospectors and miners of the day took over and established the notorious Techatticup Mine. Disagreements over ownership and management and labor disputes resulted in wanton killings so frequent as to be routine and ordinary. Despite the sinister reputation of the mine, it along with others in the town produced several million dollars in gold, silver, copper and lead.

Today, Eldorado Canyon is a very popular spot for Las Vegas photographers. It has a couple of old barns, a saloon, gas pumps, old rusted-out vehicles, a water pump and even the remains of a plane crash. The plane crash is actually from a movie that filmed out in Eldorado Canyon and makes for great photo opportunities. Inside the main building you will be able to see a bunch of artifacts from the area and dozens of photos of all the movie stars that have filmed movies in the area. One of the scenes from the Kevin Costner movie 3000 Miles to Graceland was filmed there.

Can we have our photos on the Vegas Strip?

Additional Photography options are available below. Select between 1, 1.5, and 2 hours. (added to the wedding package)

Video Options

HD Video + Upload – $100.00

  • The video will be during the ceremony only and of the couple only.
  • The camera is placed next to the Minister on a tripod to get the best sound and video. You will receive your video in an MP4 video format on your photo USB drive.
  • In addition to your HD Video we will upload your video to Vimeo and a link will be emailed to you of your wedding ceremony to you to share with your family and friends.

Video recording by guest (s) if HD video not purchased – $50.00

  • If you would prefer for your guest or guests to record your wedding, there is a $50 fee.
  • If you have paid for us to record your wedding ceremony, your guest or guests may also record your ceremony at no additional charge.
What do I do for Wedding Floral Options

An all-inclusive package includes a 12-rose bridal bouquet and a matching single rose boutonnière. For additional flowers or for other packages you can add-on any of the following:

  • 12-rose bridal bouquet plus matching single rose boutonniere – $125.00 each
  • 12-rose bouquet – $110.00 each
  • 9-rose bouquet – $83.00 each
  • 6-rose bouquet – $55.00 each
  • single rose boutonniere – $15.00 each
  • Color choices are red, white, pink, and yellow (choose 1 color)
Do you have a professional hair/make-up recommendation?
  • We will give the salon contact information to you
  • The salon will send a hair stylist and make-up artist to your hotel room or Las Vegas address
  • You will need to book your appointment and pay the salon directly for services booked
Can I have additional guests?
  • For 11-20 guests, not including the wedding couple, add $100.00 to the package price
  • For 21-44 guests, not including the wedding couple, add $200.00 to the package price
  • For 45-64 guests, not including the wedding couple, add $300.00 to the package price
  • For 64-95 guests, not including the wedding couple, add $400.00 to the package price
  • This does NOT include transportation for the additional guests
What about our Marriage Certificate?

Marriage Certificate Options (these are OPTIONAL services that we offer)

Expedited filing of the marriage certificate – your marriage certificate will be filed with our Clerk’s office the next business day after your wedding and will be available for purchase ($15) at the Marriage License Bureau self-service kiosk after 5 PM the next business day after your wedding.

One certified marriage certificate + apostille – do not select this option if you live in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and many others. ONLY select this option if you are registering your marriage in a foreign country that requires an apostille with your marriage certificate.

Eldorado Canyon Build Your Own Wedding Package: $899.00 – $1,299.00

May be reserved between 9 AM and 3 hours before sunset (see additional photography below for sunset option).

Eldorado Canyon wedding permit

Las Vegas Wedding Officiant with your choice of a civil (non-religious) or religious ceremony

Professional Las Vegas Wedding Photographer

  • Photography during the wedding ceremony, group shots, and posed pictures of the wedding couple.
  • You will receive a minimum of 100 high resolution JPEG photos on a USB flash drive.
  • You will receive ALL photos with ALL non-commercial photo rights belonging to you for all your printing and social media sharing needs. We shoot as many photos as possible during your time and with the couple and guests cooperation you can get a significantly higher number of photos in that time period.

Witness (if needed, provided at no charge)

Additional (optional) 1-hour photo package at Eldorado Canyon $300.00

  • A total of 2 hours at Eldorado Canyon Ghost Town
  • You will receive an additional 100 photos
  • May be reserved any time of day

Eldorado Canyon Ghost Town & Limousine Package: $1,299.00 – $2,075.00

In addition to the items in the build your own wedding package: 

  • The 2-hour options may be reserved any time of day
  • The 2-hour options include a minimum of 200 photos 
  • Eldorado Canyon 1-hour $1299.00 (2-10 total people)
  • Eldorado Canyon 1-hour $1599.00 (11-20 total people)
  • Eldorado Canyon 2-hour $1775.00 (2-10 total people)
  • Eldorado Canyon 2-hour $2075.00 (11-20 total people)

Eldorado Canyon Ghost Town All-Inclusive Wedding Package: $1,999.00 – $2,399.00

In addition to the items in the build your own wedding package:

  • May be reserved any time of day
  • Eldorado Canyon 1 $1999.00 (limousine for 2-10 total people)
  • Eldorado Canyon 2 $2399.00 (limousine for 11-20 total people)
  • A total of 2 hours at Eldorado Canyon
  • 12-rose bridal bouquet + matching groom's boutonnière (choose one color: red, white, yellow, or pink)
  • HD video+upload
  • A minimum of 200 photos

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All-Inclusive Eldorado Canyon Package$1,999.00$2,399.00
Eldorado Canyon Limousine Package$1,299.00$2,075.00
Eldorado Canyon Base Package$899.00$1,199.00
Eldorado Canyon Additional Guests$100.00$300.00
Marriage Certificate$50.00$200.00
Bridal Bouquet$15.00$125.00
Video Options$100.00
Add RAW photos$100.00
USB Photo/Video$0.00

Important Info

  • Any optional additions to your wedding package must be booked and paid for prior to your wedding.
  • There is not an option for outside photographers or Wedding Officiants.

Items NOT included in any wedding package

  • Tux and gown rental
  • Marriage license (purchased at the Marriage License Bureau in Las Vegas by the wedding couple)/certified copies of marriage certificate (purchased online at the Clark County Clerk’s Office by the wedding couple 10 days after your wedding).
  • Gratuities for the photographer, Wedding Officiant, and limo driver(s) (suggested amount is $50 and up per person).